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Complete Your Minibus Driver Training in East Sussex Now!

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Complete Your Minibus Driver Training in East Sussex

There are different policies for minibus driver training in each state of the UK. If you want to complete your training from east Sussex, here is a guideline that can help you.

Policies to drive a minibus set by the East Sussex County Council

To drive a minibus in East Sussex, you need to follow a few policies set by the county council. It includes:

  • You have to add category D1 to your current driving licence.

  • Meet health and eyesight requirements

  • Complete the risk management theory course

  • Complete your PCV driver training with an approved driving instructor. (ADI)

If you want extra guidance on managers and drivers of the minibus, you can download the rule book from their government website.

Category D1 Driving Licence

If you're a driver who passed their minibus licence test after 1st January 1997, you have to pass your PCV medical, practical and theory test again to get your category D1 licence.

Conditions to complete Coach Driver Training and become a Minibus Driver

Here are a few conditions you need to keep in mind while you go for coach driver training and become a minibus driver.

  • You should be twenty-one years old or more

  • You need to have your car driving licence for two years or more

  • If your age is seventy, you should meet the group two medical standards. If you are unsure if you meet these medical standards, you should ask your GP.

  • The total weight of the minibus with passengers should not exceed 3.5 tonnes. a 750KG trailer can be added for your disabled passengers.

  • You cannot tow a trailer

The Course of Risk Management

Before you start your PCV training, you have to complete your risk management theory course. It will include:

  • Safety and health

  • Defensive driving

  • Motorway driving and journey planning

  • Risk assessment

Minibus Driver Training Sessions

Minibus driver training sessions help these minibus drivers to know how to drive a minibus with the ongoing car traffic on road. These drivers are trained to ensure that they are competent and safe.

The Sight Test

All drivers are required to present a current written statement from an optician stating that their vision satisfies the standard. You cannot enrol in the practical driving course without this proof.

Print the form for the driver's eyesight requirements and bring it to your eye doctor

Important: Take note of this. The DVLA has modified the standards for eyesight; when scheduling your eye exam, tell your optician that you need an eyesight test as a holder of a Group 2 licence (lorries and buses).

Medical Requirements

Before you start your PCV driver training, you have to fill in a form stating that you fulfil all the health requirements required to drive a minibus. You need to print the medical form and hand it over to your instructor after completing it.

Book your Training Session

If you want to book any of the above training courses, you have to connect to the road safety education council of East Sussex.


So these are some policies set by the county council of East Sussex. To get the forms. You can download it from the UK’s government official website. You need to print all the forms and submit them to your instructor or trainer only. If you are interested in the course, you can start your training today with us. We will guide you and explain the whole process before starting the training. You can ask us any question you want. I Drive Driver Training Ltd. is a moving guide for minibus and coach driving training. Enrol yourself now.

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