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Looking for Your Career as a PCV Driver? 

We provide a variety of courses to meet all your related needs, whether you're looking to train a minibus driver for a school, a bus company, or an individual seeking a PCV driving licence.  

Directly connect with us via 01444 227633.

 PCV Driver Training

D1 Minibus Training to D Coach Driver Training Courses in Sussex & Surrey

(D1) Minibus Training to Coach Driver Training Courses in Sussex & Surrey

From minibus (D1 Minibus Training) to minibus with trailer (D1+E), Bus / Coach (Cat D driving licence) to Coach and trailer (D+E), we cover all the courses you need to gain your respective PCV licence. We provide you with comprehensive details about legal requirements and training objectives for each category by visiting the relevant pages. We completely understand how discouraging this can all be when you first look into gaining your licence but we offer complete services and guide you through all stages of the process.


If you have any questions, Kindly fill out the inquiry form or you can directly call us on 01444 227633.

PCV Training

Cat D Coach / Bus Driver Training Courses

Embarking on a new career as a PCV driver? We have created our courses for those who seek their bus or coach licences, as well as with employers searching for candidates to train in this area.

The Process to Get the Bus/Coach/ Minibus Driver Training Licence

  • Undergo a  medical test and fill in form D4. 


  • You then need to fill in form D2 and send your licence to DVLA to apply for your provisional entitlement for D1 or the D licence.


  • Whenever you get your licence back that is with the provisional entitlement, you can then book your PCV theory tests.


  • Pass all three theory tests that include Multiple Choice, the Hazard Perception tests, and the Driver CPC Case Study.


  • Once the related theory tests are passed, then you can go on and take your practical driving test.

I Drive Driver Training Ltd will support you at every turn. The D2 and D4 formats are available. We have physicians nearby. Your theory tests are scheduled at a testing facility close to you. We offer a theory study bundle to assist you in passing your theory exams, as well as training vehicles that are contemporary and simple to operate. As a result, we schedule your tests in accordance with your availability.

Minibus Driver Training

Driving Test Criteria

The Off-Road Manoeuvre - Module 3. A

1. Reversing the exercise

2. Controlled stop

3. Uncoupling & Re-coupling 


Once the off-road exam has been passed you can move on to module 3/B

Module 3.A - On-Road Driver

A. Safety Questions will be asked in the first place that is relevant to the vehicle that is the Show me / Tell Me Questions.


B. On Road Drive

1. Should be able to move off from the side of the road safely

2. Pull in & stop in a safer place

3. Complete an uphill start

4. Complete a downhill start

5. Show the ability to drive your vehicle safely

You may get the best instruction you need from I Drive Driving Training to clear your PCV test the first time. Our PCV minibus training is packed with useful advice that will set you apart from other candidates in terms of bus/ minibus driving licence. 


I Drive driving training Ltd. instructors will instruct and mentor you throughout your training to help you succeed in your exam so that you fill out the PCV licence cost single time and get the results. In order to help you get ready for your practical exam, we'll let you drive along the standard test route. This then increases your familiarity with the route and boosts your confidence while you're doing something useful.

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