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Driver CPC Courses

Whether you need to complete the Module 2 & 4 CPC or update you 35 hour periodic training, we have courses running daily.

Why do I need the Driver CPC?

Back in September 2009, the Government passed the Driver CPC legislation to ensure that all professional Drivers would be subject to the same ongoing requirement for retraining. Since then, the Driver CPC has been keeping HGV Drivers’ skills at the high level required by the role through ongoing ‘Periodic’ training on a range of subjects which are relevant to the life of a professional HGV Driver.

Some Drivers are not affected by the Driver CPC legislation; these include people who drive for emergency services (e.g. ambulance driver), the military, people who drive in the course of other duties (e.g. scaffolders) and people using vehicles purely for personal use (e.g horsebox owners moving their own horses.) Safe to say, most people DO fall under these rules, so if you think you’re exempt for any reason you should seek advice before driving.


What is the Driver CPC?

“What is CPC?” is one of our most frequently asked questions. Here, we explain what Driver CPC courses are, why you need CPC training, what is involved and whether you need Initial or Periodic Driver CPC training. Our aim is to help you navigate through the sometimes complicated process of becoming a professional HGV driver. If you’d prefer to discuss your CPC driver training questions, please call us now; we’d be more than happy to talk it through.

Module 2 CPC - Theory Test

You’ll be asked some vehicle safety questions on the day of your lorry test. This will normally consist of 4 - 5 show me / tell me questions before heading out on the road.

During your training time we will walk you around all these questions so you are fully prepared on the day.

Module 4 Practical Demonstration & Test

This may seem like a long way off right now but the more knowledge we can give you to prepare the better.

Your driving test will last around 1 hour, on the road you will cover various conditions of driving from country lanes, town centre to dual carriage ways.

You will also conduct around 4 to 5 pull up on the left hand side of the road when safe todo so this will also include uphill, down hill, starts.

You will also conduct a 10 minute independent drive during the test following road signs.


Periodic CPC Training Courses

If you want to drive professionally, you must hold a DCPC qualification. do this you must complete 35 hours of training every 5 years, we suggest doing 1 course a year or you can complete our 5 day training week.

  • How to get an HGV Licence?
    Follow the below-written steps to get an HGV licence. Medical Theory test Practical test
  • What is the LGV/HGV Licence Cost and the Training Cost?
    The price of HGV training with I Drive Driver Training Ltd. varies depending on the length of the course and your preferences. We help you with high-quality services while also providing the greatest training at reasonable pricing. whereas the LGV licence cost is as per the government guidelines.
  • I Drive Driver Training Ltd. is available in which regions?
    It is available in the UK within Sussex and Surrey.
  • Why choose I Drive Driver Training Ltd.?
    I Drive Driver Training Ltd. has a prominent reputation when it comes to preparing people to drive safely and competently. We provide the best services at reasonable costs.
  • What is Driver CPC?
    The final step to become a professional driver is earning a Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence), which is crucial if one is driving for pay. Typically, CPC Training is divided into two main sections: Module 2 (Case Studies, theory-based examples), and Module 4. (Practical Assessment).
  • Driver CPC is needed to drive 7.5 tonnes?
    Yes, if you are planning to drive for financial gain.

Get in touch

Directly call us on 01483 319239, we are here to simplify the process for you.

Ambulance Driver Training across Sussex & Surrey

Ambulance, 7.5ton, Horsebox courses. I Drive Driver Training  uses a 5.5ton van similar to an ambulance to complete the training. Our instructors will help you improve your skills on the road, as well as prepare you for your onwards driving career.


We now also have our own inhouse reverse area, so the part 3.a reverse manoeuvre will be conducted on site without the need to travel to the test centre, making it more comfortable for the student and reducing the time spent on the reverse meaning more time on the road.

Our customers receive the best ambulance driver training from us, and we prepare them for the future. We provide the most reasonably priced training courses for ambulances. Wherever you work, we are industry leaders and have everything you need to succeed as a C1 licence ambulance driver. Your driving abilities and your background will determine how long your training will last. Your availability may also be a contributing factor. We are also training providers to South East Cost Ambulance Service.

Why I Drive Driver Training for your C1 Ambulance Driver Training 

I Drive Driver Training Ltd offers the best ambulance driving tuition, ensuring that you pass the test on your first attempt. We offer guidance that can be helpful and will set you apart from other learners while you're in training. We provide our trainees with all the information they require about ambulances as well as the assurance they require to operate one. With years of experience, our staff of trainers is the best in the field. Additionally, it raises the standard of our students. The teachers at I Drive Driver Training are knowledgeable about the test and direct the students effectively. On the trial route, you are welcome to drive an ambulance. It will help you in your practical test.

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